Ableton Live Complete EDM Music Production in 3 Hours TUTORIAL

Ableton Live Complete EDM Music Production in 3 Hours TUTORIAL

Ableton Live Complete EDM Music Production in 3 Hours TUTORIAL

Make all the music you want after this small 3 hours course! EDM Music Production made easy!

What you’ll learn:

  • Make your own music in less than 3 hours
  • Secrets to easy melody and chord making
  • Fastest way to make your music
  • Learn to use Ableton Live
  • Learn almost any other music production software
  • Make any electronic music style
  • Organize your sound library for easier use

No experience needed.

Charlie Atom’s Course to learn to make music in less than 3 hours!

Yeah! And not only samples, you will learn music making tricks so you can use music theory without spending years studing scales or composition.

Are you a DJ? Are you a music lover? Are you a professional music producer? This is your course. Even so you will learn from the beginning, as a professional you will learn some unique techniques I’ve develop to make your music very fast and understand music theory in a very simplified way that is helpful for electronic and pop music.

Some of the stuff that you will learn

A very fast and unique workflow to produce music.

All the stuff you need to make your first song.

Ableton interface.
Some secret tricks for easy melody and chord making.
How to organize your sound library to be efficient and fast.
All this in less than 3 hours.
Who is Charlie Atom?

You can google me out. I have more than 5 million plays on Spotify, been featured on Beatport Top 100, played on the EDC Music festival twice, toured on China, and released music with Sony Music. I’m a DJ and music producer also been featured by Jonas Aden in his ghost producer video with more than 1 million views.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners that want to make electronic music
  • DJs that doesn’t know how to produce
  • Professionals that want to learn some extra stuff