ALECTO – Oyashio (Mixing Kit)

ALECTO - Oyashio (Mixing Kit)

ALECTO – Oyashio (Mixing Kit)

This mixing kit consists of all mixer presets that I (ALECTO) been using and collecting for the past 6 months. The kit was specifically made for producers who want to bring their melodies to the next level.

For Waves Plugins  9 & 10


Bell – Dull _ Percussive.fst
Bell – Sharp _ Percussive.fst
Flute – Bezoya.fst
Guitar – Sonar.fst
Keys – Heavy Detune.fst
Keys – Saturated Taps.fst
Keys – Slight Chorus.fst
Keys – Taps.fst
Pad – Moving.fst
Vocals – Monday.fst