Andyax Music Bundle Edition WAV

Andyax Music Bundle Edition WAV
2.41 GB

If you want all the goodies and a really good deal (three packs for the price of two), the Andyax Music BUNDLE is for you! You get a wide range of genres, emotions, stems, and a total of 16 unique music tracks composed by Thomas Leypoldt.

In the BUNDLE you will get 15 music tracks with stems (the bonus track does not have stems). This means that you can easily remove and add the bass, pianos, percussion, etc. as you please.

The result? In addition to getting 15 affordable, high-quality music tracks, the stems will give you a wide range of options, changing the size and feel of every track while still providing a recurring theme in the sound.

And the best thing is – you get high-quality music and straightforward licensing options that will assure you staying safe from copyright strikes.

As an extra gift, you will also receive a bonus track when you buy the Bundle edition!

License types:

The Andyax Music packs have these two (2) available licensing options:

1. Standard License

The standard license is for you who need music to all kinds of web-based projects (including commercial projects for web), like YouTube videos, Facebook videos, promotions, etc.

This means that you don’t need to worry about your web projects – they are all covered by the standard license – even monetized YouTube videos!

In addition, you can use the music in corporate videos intended for internal use.

2. Extended License

The extended license covers the right to use the music in cinema and TV series, programs, TV documentaries, and TV commercials.

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