Ardist 808 & Kick Kit [Ardist x Jynx] WAV

Ardist 808 & Kick Kit [Ardist x Jynx] WAV

Ardist 808 & Kick Kit [Ardist x Jynx] WAV

808 & Kick Kit [ Ardist x Jynx ] Sound Kit by Ardist

This drumkit is NOT recycled. It only contains drums made by Jynx and I with Serum and a MiniMoog. We did further processing of these sounds in fl studio with edison, sampler, waves plugins, and serum fx.

Jynx and I tried to go for a more unique batch of drums this time with completely new textures and tones. These drums have been sent out to Ronny J and D.A. Doman and they both mess with them a lot. Those are two producers who I have done extensive sound design work with.

I’m really proud of this kit. In my opinion, it’s the first batch of 808s I’ve made that can compete with a spinz. These ones hit hard through any mix but still sound clean and maintain texture/character.

Drum Kit Features:

– 61 drums total (Normalized and Loud Versions add up to 122 Drums)
– 33 808s
– 28 Kicks
– 1 introspective .txt file


Demo Preview: