Aubit Plume Vol.1 For Serum

Aubit Plume Vol.1

Aubit Plume Vol.1 For Serum

Flume’s sound design has always stood head and shoulders above the crowd, but when he released his Skin EPs – he changed the game again! We felt that the sound design quality on the Skin EPs was never properly matched in any sample/preset pack, so we decided to make Plume – the hottest collection of sounds on the market, inspired by the best in the game.

Plume contains 50 Serum presets modelled off of the Skin EPs beautiful melodic intros, and hard-hitting future drops. We also set out to create sounds that Flume would want for his next release. So this pack is a must-have for any producer looking to grow in their own style, and break free from all of the noise in the Future Bass scene. With the click of a button you can blend each and every sound in the pack to create something brand new that no other producer currently has in their catalog.

As well as serum presets, with Plume we rethought what can be done with a drum sample. We designed 50 stellar drum samples that will take your drums from being the essential part of a track to actually being the identity and character of the track that carries the synths – something we feel that Flume has mastered and displayed with the Skin EPs.

We also included 25 vocal chops in wet and dry form, usable vocal chops can be difficult to come-by, so we created 25 brand new ones to add to your collection. They bring the familiar melodic good-good that all producers know and love. Finally, we also threw in 25 MIDI loops! Flume has quite a specific style when it comes to choice of chords and riffs, so we studied that and created 25 new loops that have a Flume feel to them – perfect for reverse engineering!

Grab Plume Vol. 1 today and get one step ahead of the game with the most cutting-edge sound design available.

Here’s what you get with Plume:
– 50 Serum Presets & 1 Serum Noise
– 55 Drum Samples
– 25 Vocal Chops (Wet & Dry)
– 25 MIDI Files
– 156 Files

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