AudeoBox Jetpack 2 Sample Pack WAV

AudeoBox Jetpack 2 WAV

AudeoBox Jetpack 2 WAV

This pack serves as the first time in our history that we’ve been able to gather 8 to10 of our unique sound designers to create a body of work that is wholly original, and unprecedentedly cohesive while remaining individual. For our second journey into today and tomorrow’s essentials, we brought out familiar faces from our Vibes, Elyments, Resonance, and Twisted Metal series’ to work on what their best at, while also bringing in some fresh blood to up the ante.

For our drums, drum loops, and top loops, we relied on our percussive mainstays to stretch their imaginations, and fine-tune their crafts, to birth over 345 original drum one-shots, and over highly 100 usable drum loops and toppers. With Jon Casey taking the reigns as the lead drum designer of the set, Jetpack 2 sees his signature sound brought to drums ranging from the unexpected to modern classics of the future.

The addition of Toby Schay’s sonic outlook to our Elemynts series has been an undeniable treat, so we had to bring him to add some vintage hip hop into the mix. To tie this all together, Q Rock brought out a fresh set of drum loops ready for every occasion.

For this iteration of Jetpack, we wanted to bring in fresh blood to make each vertical of the pack as special as it could be.

At the suggestion of Jon, we brought in Dabow, a monster sound designer we specifically chose for a set of Hard Trap songstarters. And speaking of trap, we brought back SVGAR who worked on our drum necessities in the Twisted Metal 2 collection to bring melodies, stems, and more to make your creativity pop. When it came to pop, Wanna Wake had reached out to us when we were planning this collection, and we knew we wanted the EDM duo to take a stab at crafting a collection that would be floor-filling ear candy while also exploring their sound design prowess with over 100 original sound effects, which brings us to R&B.

With his introduction in the incredible Resonance 2, we KNEW we had to have multi-instrumental Chris Cadenhead come back and steer the ship with little interference from us to bring his musicality out in a way that unfettered creativity allows for.

Coming in a bit over 800 sounds, Jetpack 2 is about quality over quantity, over and over again until perfected, so we’ve done all that we can do to make this perfect for you, the only question is, “are you ready for liftoff?”

Pack includes:

– 112 Drum Loops
– 358 Drum One Shots
– 150 One Shots
– 218 Songstarters


Demo preview: