Capsun ProAudio Chop Shop: Resampled Soul Stacks WAV

Capsun ProAudio Chop Shop: Resampled Soul Stacks WAV

Capsun ProAudio Chop Shop Resampled Soul Stacks WAV

Chop Shop: Resampled Soul Stacks plays the role of the crate digger to its companion pack Chop Shop: Vintage Soul Stacks, created in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics. Taking full influence from the nostalgic sounds of cinematic soul music and vintage rhythm & blues featured in Vintage Soul Stacks, we took these true-to-era samples and chopped and re-processed to create inspiring melodic loops and boom-bap style soul loops. Modern inspiration coated in vintage warmth and saturation.

We resampled the original live compositions and raw stems, creating loop layers that combine the sonics of rare vinyl with modern left-field sound design. Using classic hip-hop chopping, pitch and time, reversing, saturation and secret sauce, the samples could inspire lofi beat making and hip-hop, trap and rap or even pop and house. All sounds are 100% royalty-free and every loop has been carefully key tagged and tempo-synced.


• 3 Guitar One Shots
• 2 Horns One Shots
• 8 Melodic One Shots
• 3 Vintage Strings One Shots
• 12 Vocal One Shots
• 41 Guitar Loops
• 12 Horns Loops
• 26 Piano Loops
• 97 Vintage Soul Stack Loops
• 18 Vintage Strings Loops
• 34 Vocal Loops


Demo Preview: