Choptones ToneX Bundle [MULTIFORMAT]

Choptones ToneX Bundle

Choptones ToneX Bundle [MULTIFORMAT]

High quality TONE X Captures. The best rig packs made with high end studio equipment and a large amount of different cabinets, speakers, microphones, pedals and settings.

Included in this release:

  • IKTX Session Man vol2
  • IKTX Angel Irall Just Play
  • IKTX Brit 800ZW
  • IKTX Cus 3 Brit Just Play
  • IKTX EHV Ico40 JP
  • IKTX Essentials ToneX
  • IKTX Metal Classic vol1
  • IKTX Metal Modern vol1
  • IKTX Pivy InvMH JP
  • IKTX Rock Pack vol1
  • IKTX Session Man vol1

You will find a detailed description and image for each profile pack, thanks to our contributors.

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