Complete Dance Guitars MULTIFORMAT

Complete Dance Guitars MULTIFORMAT

We presents Complete Dance Guitars, a versatile set of guitar parts that have been written recorded for maximum usability in an abundance of contexts, from funk and disco to EDM and rock! If you want to inject some musicianship into your dance music, this 100% royalty free collection is a great tool to reach for.

Complete Dance Guitars is packed to the brim with over 2 GB of electric guitar content, with a wide variety of processing and playing styles to ensure you’ll find a use for it all. Pulsing funk struts, nicely executed solo parts, emotive minor riffs and uplifting major sections can be found in clean, heavy distorted and extreme forms, not to mention in a host of different keys. There are even 6 separate guitar multi samples thrown in for good measure.

Coming through at a dancefloor approved 128bpm, this collection will work well with disco, funk, house, EDM and industrial music, though anything with a strong sense of rhythm will work harmoniously.

In detail, expect to find 2.23 GB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit & 44.1 kHz. 325 loops are broken down as 176 Heavy Electric Guitar Loops, 56 Funk Electric Guitar Loops, 55 Extreme Electric Guitar Loops and 38 Clean Electric Guitar Loops. Also included are 6 electric guitar multis, which have been mapped to 6 soft sampler patches (for NNXT, EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and SFZ).

Complete Dance Guitars is a fantastic display of six string musicianship for you dance music!

  • 176 Heavy Electric Guitar Loops
  • 56 Funk Electric Guitar Loops
  • 55 Extreme Electric Guitar Loops
  • 38 Clean Electric Guitar Loops
  • 6 Guitar Electric Multis
  • 6 Soft Sampler Patches


Demo Preview: