Cymatics G-House Essential Samples Vol.1 WAV

Cymatics G-House Essential Samples Vol.1 WAV

Cymatics G-House Essential Samples Vol.1 WAV
Size 58 Mb

G-House heavyweights like Malaa and Drezo are constantly pushing the genre forward with inspiring creativity and stellar sound design.

This Hip Hop-House fusion genre has been constantly growing over the last few years…

And now it’s more prevalent than ever.

Inspired by the growth of the hard-hitting, groove-inducing style of G-House, we created G-House Essential Samples Vol 1 – a vast collection of drum, synth, FX, and vocal samples that will help you create INCREDIBLE G-House heaters.

Before the production team started creating samples for this pack, they aggregated a playlist of the top G-House tracks and meticulously studied every single element in each song.

They applied their findings and the results were unbelievable…

The drum loops create infectious grooves that can be immediately used in your drops – we’ve included a ton of drum one shots so you can craft your own drumlines too.

The synth section is packed with astounding drop loops that showcase HUGE basses and catchy rhythmic runs – you’ll also find melody loops for your breakdowns!

Finally, the FX section will tie all your elements together and the vocal section includes perfect chants and phrases so you can add some Hip Hop flavor to your tracks.

Get your hands on this authentic and immediately usable collection of G-House one shots and loops that work together flawlessly!

Download G-House Essential Samples Vol 1 now.

Included in this pack:

25 Drum Loops
30 Drum One Shots
20 Synth Loops
5 Synth One Shots
10 FX
10 Vocals


Format: .WAV
File Size (Zipped): 75.3 MB
File Count: 100 Samples