Cymatics LEGENDS Sound Design Course

LEGENDS Sound Design Course

Cymatics LEGENDS Sound Design Course

Nothing else captures the feeling and emotion of timeless music like a classic synthesizer.

That’s why we’ve invested months into hunting down some of the most iconic synthesizers of the past 40 years!

We ended up spending $150,000 and built a vast synth collection unlike any other.

Which is why LEGENDS will contain samples from iconic synths like the Prophet 5, Moog Model D, Wavestation, and Jupiter 8 just to name a few.

And considering just how difficult it is to get access to these legendary instruments…

Our entire goal was to bring these iconic synth sounds right from the source and straight to you!

We ended up with an insane collection of legendary synth samples perfect for taking your sound to a whole new level.

Considering that one shots hold so much value by providing full creative freedom, we decided to top the LEGENDS experience off with a full step by step sound design course by one of our head producers!

Your instructor will cover post processing for each sound and show the entire process in full, so you can design your very own one shots to use in your production.

This way you’ll be able to customize every sound with in-depth detail, giving you more freedom to take your tracks in any direction that you want!

*Course covers information that can be used with any DAW.


Demo Preview: