David Glenn Mixing Low End TUTORIAL

David Glenn Mixing Low End TUTORIAL

David Glenn Mixing Low End TUTORIAL

Mixing Low End

Overcome your gear limitations and create a cohesive low end that shakes the speakers and fits the track today or your money back.


You’ll learn several mixing techniques to help you achieve a solid low end even if your gear or room doesn’t accurately reproduce the sub and low end frequencies.

Get Your Low End Right EVERY. SINGLE. MIX.

You’ll discover the techniques I use in every song I mix and begin to perfect the kick and bass relationship in each of your mixes as well. You’ll also start to hear things in a whole new way which will lead to better and more efficient decision making.

The Kick

You’re going to learn my go to techniques for getting the kick to fit with the bass as well as the overall track. We’ll cover acoustic kicks and electronic/synthesis kicks. All genres are welcome!

The Bass (Electric, 808’s, Synth Bass, etc.)

Perhaps mixing bass instruments is a mystery to you… If so, you’ll love my techniques for getting the bass sound of your dreams. Whether you’re after a deep sub heavy monstrous bass sound or a driving rock ‘n roll bass, I’ve got you covered in this workshop.

My Secret Sauce for Low End Mixing

You’ll learn the technique that continues to save my butt mix after mix. The best part? It doesn’t matter what speakers or headphones you use to mix, the brand or quality are irrelevant. I’m going to break down my strategies for taking a mix to the finish line day in and day out.