Diaspora Tresillo – Reggaeton WAV

By the time Reggaeton found its’ popularity in the United States and Europe, it had already been established as a part of an underground culture in Puerto Rico. The genre started as an outlet for young people from the lower-to-middle class to creatively express their experiences. Reggaeton is beloved for its’ signature dembow beat, heavy drums, and infectious melodies. “Tresillo” features 15 Melodic Loops and 15 Drum Loops (in 3 varieties, totaling 45 total drum loops) of inevitably danceable grooves. While these loops are very easy to drag and drop, there are also tonal, and drum one-shots for hand-crafting your own custom loops.

131 Loops
90 One Shots

Diaspora is a label specializing in music originating from the African Diaspora, mainly in the Caribbean/South America. “Diaspora” is the centralized place for producers to find authentic and high quality sounds sourced from the African Diaspora.


Demo Preview: