Drippin’: Trap & Hip Hop WAV

Drippin': Trap & Hip Hop WAV

Drippin’: Trap & Hip Hop WAV

We are proud to present Drippin’, another stand out Trap & Hip Hop library that oozes with high end bespoke samples, perfect for developing and progressing your style.

Start drawing immediate inspiration from Drippin’ when going through the numerous eclectic music loops folder.

Explore the extensive selection of loops that will instantly fire up your creativity, the pack has plenty of unique and mix-ready elements to make your instrumental stand out.

Whether you are in need of dusty haunting keys, airy pads, or emotive bending leads the melodics folder will have something for you.

Not forgetting the invaluable song starters section, full of stacked loops that contain melodics, chords, and basses.

Grab a song starter to quickly get your beat moving, or delve into the individual elements for a more surgical approach to your beat making.

A perfect match to the versatile music loops is the complete collection of drum loops and hits.

Full of cracking snares that cut through the mix, hats that keep the beat shuffling, and kicks that punch you in the chest.

Drippin’ has a drum collection that is suitable for any Trap & Hip Hop beat, whether you are looking for something more vibe focussed, or something a bit more energetic.

These drums will take your beat and elevate it to the next level.

To add that final level of professionalism and detail to your beat, Drippin’ comes with an assortment of useful one shot SFX and 808 samples.

Get stuck into these and get creative, they are perfect for adding your own sonic imprint onto your beats.

Drippin’ is an essential pack for those looking to up their instrumental game!

The pack contains:

• 79 Drum hits
• 41 Drum loops
• 20 Bass loops
• 39 Chord loops
• 24 Melodic loops
• 20 Song Starters
• 20 808 hits
• 21 SFX


Demo Preview: