Dub Techno Chords 2 Sample Pack Multiformat

Dub Techno Chords 2 Sample Pack Multiformat

Dub Techno Chords 2 Sample Pack Multiformat

Proper dub and atmospheric techno melodics inspired by the seminal sounds of Detroit and Berlin!

These rich and characterful chords come from a mix of classic and contemporary sources to offer a diverse mix of melodic inspiration for your techno productions. Coupled with 30 MIDI files designed to use with the chords and a custom Ableton Rack for dub techno chord FX processing, this is an essential pack for those looking to take their tracks seriously deep and dubbed out!

In total the pack contains 60 chord one-shots (30 wet, 30 dry), 1 custom Ableton Rack with 8 macro controls and 30 MIDI files.

Offering each of the 30 chords in both dry and wet versions to give you maximum creative freedom in your tracks – use them wet for instant dub vibes or use the dry versions and apply your own FX with ease!

For Ableton users, the dub FX processing rack gives you the ability add classic dub FX with maximum ease. Simply use the rack to easily cycle through the chord samples and use the 8 macros which control various FX chains for that atmospheric dubby sound.

Cutoff – Tweak the frequency zone of a heavy duty bandpass filter. Adjust and automate for classic dub-techno filter effects.

Bit Depth – Turn this macro to reduce the bit depth of the sample playback in a bit crush style.

Noise Freq – The filter position of the stimulated noise of the signal.

Noise Amount – The amount of noise heard in the sample playback, use in conjunction with noise freq to isolate the right amount of background noise.

Reverb – A cavernous reverb macro with plenty of depth.

Chain Selector – Change the dry chord sample to find a chord stab that suits your track.

Delay – Change the amount of dub-style delay to balance rhythm and texture.

Gain – A final stage gain limiter to boost or cut your audio signal.

Pack details:

> 60 x Wav one-shots
> 30 x MIDI file
> 1 x Ableton Chord FX Rack

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