Dub Techno Chords Sample Pack WAV MIDI ALS

Dub Techno Chords Sample Pack WAV MIDI ALS

Dub Techno Chords Sample Pack WAV MIDI ALS

Deep and dubby, dark and rolling, hooky and hypnotic: load up on some serious dub and Detroit techno melodics with a selection of classic chord samples, loops, MIDI progressions and custom Ableton Chord Rack!

Need some iconic dub-centric chords for your techno tracks? Look no further.

We’ve curated 30 rich hardware-sourced chord samples to give you that iconic dub techno sound. Each chord sample is offered in both dry and wet versions to give you maximum creative freedom in your tracks.

For Ableton users we’ve also included a bespoke dub techno chord rack so you can audition, assign and process the chord samples with ultra ease.

Use the rack to easily cycle through the chord samples and tweak each one to suit your needs with additional macro controls for reverb, delay, filtering and more.

Chord Selector – Scroll through 60 dub techno chord shots.

High Filter – A custom high-pass filter for techno transformations.

Low Filter – A custom low-pass filter for deep muddy filter movements.

Filter Blend – A custom macro blending filter behaviour with dubby LFO movements.

Noise Floor – Bring up a frequency specific noise floor for added grit.

Sync Delay – Blend multiple dub delays for rhythmic effects.

Depth Verb – A deep analogue reverb macro for cavernous spot FX.

Envelope – A combination of release,decay and sustain parameters.

All the above is complimented with 30 unique MIDI chord progressions designed for instant use with the chord samples provided. If you’re struggling for melodic inspiration just load up these MIDI files which will give you an instant dub techno vibe! Why not take advantage of the flexibility of MIDI and switch keys, tweak chords, resequence, edit velocities and more to make these melodics fit any track.

We’ve also included the audio loops from the demo and the associated MIDI files to give you even more inspiration to mine! That’s 30 Wav loops offered both dry and processed and the associated 30 MIDI files for each.

All the chord samples and MIDI files are key-labeled for your convenience, making it easy to slot the right sounds into existing or new tracks.

Pack details:

> 60 x Wav one-shots

> 60 x Wav loops

> 60 x MIDI files

> 1 x Ableton Chord Rack

Please note: The Ableton Chord Rack requires Ableton Live 9.7.2 or higher.

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