Engineering Samples Grains WAV

Engineering Samples Grains WAV

Engineering Samples Grains WAV

Imagine a sonic landscape that ranges from soft and fragile to granular chaos – This is „GRAINS“.

The main idea behind „GRAINS“ was to create something unique, something new, something beyond analogue synthesis.

After recording a whole bunch of Synth Leads, Chords and Sequences with tons of analogue gear such as Moog, Korg, Behringer and Modular Eurorack expansions we’ve put the loops inside different granular engines. The result was truly magic.

Impressionistic Textures and rhythms seem to create a new dimension. The spatial audio impression is surrounded by the vastness of a cosmos.

Download „GRAINS“ today and get your hands on 50 stunning Textures and Atmospheres called Clouds, 40 Sequences and 10 FX Loops.

To guarantee the purest Signal chain we are working with high-end outboard gear like our Chandler Limited Rack Mixer, Vovox cables and Universal Audio Interfaces.

The Drums inside the Demo are not included in this Library.


107 Wav Files in total:

  • 50 Clouds
  • 40 Sequences
  • 7 Bassline Loops (used in Demo)
  • 10 FX
  • 125 bpm
  • 44,1 kHz / 24 Bit


Demo Preview: