Epic Stock Media Evolved Game Creatures – Monster Sound Effects

Epic Stock Media Evolved Game Creatures - Monster Sound Effects

Epic Stock Media Evolved Game Creatures – Monster Sound Effects

The Evolved Game Creatures monster sounds collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide-ranging selection of large to medium-sized creature sounds. Includes monster vocalizations and large angry creature sound effects.

Includes over 160 distinctive, immersive, optimized creature sound effects, vocalizations, attacks, sounds of monsters dying, special SFX, growling sounds.

Creating compelling cinematic game characters and outstanding gameplay audio experiences has never been easier. Explore the possibilities for your monster and large creature character sounds thru ten inspiring sound sets in the sound library. Easily outfit mystical creatures, griffins, dinosaurs, and otherworldly critters. On sale now!

Perfectly suited for use in animations, video games, mobile apps, motion graphics, film, and VR sound productions. Evolved Game Creatures inspires audio creativity and engaging gameplay sound.

Product Details

  • 132.7 MB of creature audio samples
  • 168 sound effect files
  • Larger sounding monster & creature sound effects library
  • Game ready – designed sound effects
  • 10 different creature and monster sound sets
  • Perfect for game developers and sound designers
  • All in 96k 24bit .WAV file format
  • Plus multiple formats of the entire library: 44.1k 16Bit, and game ready MP3
  • Includes Soundminer Metadata
  • Over 5 minutes fantasy game creatures audio

Creature Character List

  • Ancient Dragon – (Dinosaur Creature)
  • Balor – (Supernatural Creature)
  • Basilisk – (Lizard/Reptile Creature)
  • Frost Giant – (Large Humanoid Creature)
  • Kraken – (Water Creature)
  • Mammoth – (Elephant Creature)
  • Roc – (Dinosaur Bird Creature)
  • Sphinx – (Lion/Tiger Creature)
  • Spider Queen – (Insect Creature)
  • Treant – (Tree Creature)

Each monster includes multiple attacks, death, pain, special fx, character specific fx and other vocalizations. All Royalty-Free and all files are pre mixed and mastered, optimized in length and file size to reduce game distributions and memory. RTU-OTB

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