Epic Stock Media Pirate Game Source WAV

Epic Stock Media Pirate Game Source WAV

Epic Stock Media Pirate Game Source WAV

Lower the sails, man the cannon and prepare yourself for an epic journey across the open sea! Dead men tell no tales so join us now before Davy Jones takes you to his locker with the perfect collection of handcrafted premium Pirate Game SFX featuring game ready audio assets made up of 555+ sound sets across over every sound type needed to completely pillage and plunder your next game audio experience! Dig for treasure, explore undiscovered islands, captain your wooden galleon, drop anchors, ignite TNT barrels, collect the ancient magic relics, and more importantly build an immersive audio experience for your projects.

With game developers and sound designers in mind, we carefully designed this sound library to cover all your bases and needs in regards to warfare, wooden ships, sailing, water, weapons, island atmospheres, foley, voice, music and more. All delivered as a neatly organized complete sound set library, Pirate Game is our newest and most exciting library yet. Inspired by swashbuckler games like Sea of Thieves and hit blockbuster movies like Pirates of The Caribbean, our Pirate sound effects library is sure to give you all the firepower to succeed in the world of nautical warfare and buccaneering without having to walk the plank or get the black spot.

Sounds Included:
Cannons blasts, black powder reloads, drop anchor, raise anchor, lower sails, cloth sail loops, cutlass impacts, swings, wooden hull ambiences, skeleton creatures, treasure collect, magic shimmers, chests, latches, and opens, harpoons, pulleys, cranks, wood creaks, island and ocean ambiences, shipwrecks, wood breaks, impacts, explosions, bombs, fuses, items, picks ups, pirate themed UI / UX, eating, drinking rum, cooking, fanfare musical cues, notifications, ship bells ding, wheel spins, cloth sails unfurl, designed black powder guns, ship foley, hull groans, gronk, water submerges, 5 gallon bucket suction bubbles, inventory slotting, proceeds, crystals and gems, archery, gore, heavy cannon aims movement, fireworks, character vocalizations, mechanisms, sea and land creatures, melee weapons and much more.

Epic Musical Fanfare Notifications and; Bonus Modular Music Loops
Need the perfect music cues to alert a gamer of something important happening? Pirate Game has you covered. Inside you’ll find a curated collection of cinematic and orchestral musical stingers that help you do cue in music alerts for things like rally the troops, gain victory, achievement, game lost, start the attack, duels, tension, accept quest, warning and many more cinematic cues. On top of the stingers, you’ll find a great collection of bells, ship dings, cinematic drum impacts to help add more action and adventure flair within your game’s audio experience. Lastly, in terms of music, you’ll also receive 2 full bonus music loops that can be heard in the audio demos that are stemmed out by each instrument being played so you have maximum control of your soundtrack as well as have players in your game play instruments music together.

Immersive Nature and Designed Ambience Loops From Around The World
Unearth hidden natural treasures with the ambience loops folder inside, filled with over 2GB of ethereal soundscapes, ghostly ships sailing, forgotten temples, ship hull gronks, ocean waves, caves, pirate camps, island ambiance, underwater, weather and many themed locations. Most of the nature loops were field recorded from places like Brazil, New Zealand, Tennessee and USA so it gives you many useful sonic aesthetics to choose from. All game ready and seamlessly loop-able for ease of use and maximum shelf life.

Maximum Possibilities and; Uses
Explore thru an imaginative library that’s perfect at helping you create truly memorable sound design and hyper realistic atmospheres in genres / styles that are fitting for time periods like the civil war, medieval, 18th century, historical pieces where black powder, wooden ships and; swords are needed, building fantasy worlds, ancient times, nautical naval battles, sea and island life, settlers coming to a new world, and prefect for game types like FPS, MMO, RPG and; Puzzle video games. Pirate Games – the complete action adventure sound library comes with a huge source/organic library with over 1400+ SFX files, truly giving you endless possibilities. Both the designed and source sections of the library are game ready but versatile enough to further edit, mix and match to your liking!

1455 Samples

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