Epic Stock Media Stealth Game WAV

Epic Stock Media Stealth Game WAV

Epic Stock Media Stealth Game WAV

Immerse yourself in a world teeming with cunning assassins, elusive targets, and top-secret operations as you enter the realm of Stealth Game – from Epic Stock Media. Inspired by lurking hitmen, armed special forces, and trained agents of death, this comprehensive SFX collection will have you locked and loaded with over 1400+ weapons, explosions, tech, natural and designed audio assets, guard & player voices and investigative music loops and much more meticulously crafted, game-ready and perfect for video game genres like action / adventure, tactical, military, survival, espionage, escape, stealth, and open-world.

Don’t miss your mark and get held hostage using low quality sound and interrogated by a client again – now it’s easier than ever to achieve your mission’s objective and make your country proud as you inflict high levels of audio precision to your projects! With Stealth Game, you’re the boss. Kick off an action packed adventure today! (Rapid silencer gunshot sounds)

Armed, Game Ready & Dangerous
After 6 months of development, countless source recording & editing sessions we happily present you with Stealth Game. This library is a highly versatile and wide-ranging production suite filled to the top with audio assets designed to add weight and emotion to almost any type of sneaking gameplay scene needed. With Stealth Game, quickly create thrilling cat-and-mouse pursuits, triumphant stealthy takedowns, assassinations, both close and ranged combat, evidence & searching sounds, collects, tech notifications, medical healing, throws and distractions, footsteps, user interface, bomb detonations, object crashes, debris, voices & more. Face any related audio project with the right tools & watch as you create your best work! Stealth Game sound effects pack provides the perfect backdrop for almost every moment.

Optimized Audio Assets For Video Games, TV & Film
All files are game ready, mastered and memory footprint optimized. Each sound effect is expertly edited and mastered to ensure seamless integration into your game, regardless of the platform or genre. All sounds are RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box), which means that you can simply drag and drop the sound effects into your game engine without any additional processing or editing required. With 3.13 GB of versatile game audio assets, over 79 minutes of sound, these 1415 popular game ready audio assets it’s a given you’ll get sounds that you can quickly implement inside any stealth to give it a “hit app” game feel.

UCS Compliant & Soundminer Metadata
All sound effects labeling is UCS compliant & is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate with understandable folder structures: Ambience Loops, Cloth, Combat, Destruction, Doors, Equipment, Explosions, Footsteps, Gore, Guns, Medical, Music Loops, Object Interactions, Tech Interface, User Interface, Voice Guard, Voice Player. On top of UCS, Stealth Game features extensive metadata embedded in the files using soundminer metadata to help you find the right sound at the right time as well.

Product Details:

  •  1415 files
  • 3.13 GB of game audio assets
  •  All in 96k 24bit .wav
  •  All files are game ready, mastered and memory footprint optimized
  •  Perfect for game devs & sound designers
  •  Includes over 79 minutes of audio
  •  1 Supercharged & powerfully designed stealth sound effects library & game audio production suite
  •  24 Ambience loops – city sewers, forest night, factory, industrial
  •  87 Cloth – flap, rustle, leather, bag, friction, small, big
  •  66 Combat – swing, fist, weapon, heavy, light, blade, knife, pipe, bat, whoosh, spinning
  •  114 Destruction – glass bottle, roll, metal drop, smash, crash, glass, debris, impact, wood, plastic
  •  66 Doors – creak, wood, bathroom, hallway, garage, knob, handles, pantry, turns
  •  90 Equipment – heavy pack, item drop, chains, keys, buckles, tech scope, furniture, scape, slide
  •  46 Explosions – small, medium, large, cement, fire, boom, impact, dirt, glass, breaking building
  •  82 Footsteps – concrete, dirt, metal, wood – run / walk
  •  60 Gore – bone break, impact, squish, melee hit, slow motion, blade slice, intense stab, metallic cut
  •  126 Guns – mech, reload, foley, bolt, clip, assault rifle, shotgun, handgun, sniper, silencers
  •  105 Medical – adhesive, bandages, pick up, liquid, pills, unroll, apply, healing, container opens
  •  23 Music loops – dark, investigative, tension, suspense, military themes
  •  118 Object interactions – lock, chain, keyboard, gate, fence, pour, slide, handling, documents, wood, handles duct tape, box, items
  •  70 Tech UI – alert, boom, clean, click, alerts, notifications, radio, comms, static, negative, positive, success tones, bass buttons
  •  144 User interface – digital, pop, transitions, hollow, low, button, mech & more
  •  113 Voice Guard – smoking, cough, attack, land, laugh, false alarm, surprised, death, body hit, terrorized
  •  81 Voice Player – attack, blow, climb, dodge, rolling, run, taunting, whispers, whistles, pain
  •  Everything needed for your game (voice, music, & SFX)
  •  Brutally good for sneaking games & warfare related productions
  •  All sound effects & music loops are youtube friendly & royalty-free
  •  RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box)

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