Ergo Kukke Phantasm [KONTAKT]

Ergo Kukke Phantasm [KONTAKT]

Ergo Kukke Phantasm [KONTAKT]

Phantasm: a product of fantasy, imagination, illusions… an array of sounds from multiple Ergo Kukke libraries – your Gateway to Sonic Dreams.

From cinematic soundscapes that transport your listeners to distant realms to pulsating rhythms that make hearts race, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination with Ergo Kukke libraries.

From the hauntingly beautiful to the rhythmically dramatic, “Phantasm” presents you with an eclectic palette of sonic colours, each waiting to be harnessed for your musical visions. “Phantasm” serves as an invitation to delve into the full experience of Ergo Kukke instruments and sounds, beckoning you to explore other incredible libraries that can further expand your sonic horizons.

Phantasm comes with sounds from:

  • Aleatoric
  • Aleatoric Rhythms
  • Aleatoric Keys
  • Trails
  • Synchro Hits
  • Virtual Symphony
  • Bonus sounds

With “Phantasm” at your fingertips, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of inspiration and innovation.

The adventure begins with “Phantasm.”

Key Features:

  • 423MB library
  • 48k 32bit .WAV format
  • WAV’s available with loops integrated to atmospheric samples
  • 80 Single Snapshots from Ergo Kukke libraries
  • 30 Main sound designed Snapshots
  • Convenient Snapshot categorization
  • 2 Bonus sounds made for Phantasm
  • Popular Trails engine to expand your creativity

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