F9 Audio Electric Funk Instruments (Kontakt 5.8.1+)

F9 Audio Electric Funk Instruments (Kontakt 5.8.1+)

F9 Audio Electric Funk Instruments (Kontakt 5.8.1+)
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128+ Multisampled Funk Instruments
Ever since the release of Electric Funk so many of you have asked when will we be releasing a pack of playable funk instruments.

We are very proud to present 128 exceptionally playable instruments that run using native Logic & Ableton DAW samplers and Kontakt**. This collection is our homage to an era of music that shaped electronic club music for decades.

The only way to get the truly authentic tones of the electro-funk explosion that dominated mid 80s club and R+B chart-toppers was to sample the original hardware. That’s exactly what we did here but with the 21st-century sonics that F9 is infamous for.

This pack contains:

20 Analog Basses ( with Round-Robin sampling )
15 Digital Basses
22 Key Patches
15 Lead Patches
29 Sequence, Plucks and sampled hit patches
20 Analog Poly-Synths
10 Digital Poly Synths
The original machines that made the funk :

F9 Audio Electric Funk Instruments (Kontakt 5.8.1+)

For this set of instruments, we meticulously sampled basses, leads, pads, and polysynths from the original 80’s legends –

Jupiter 8,
Prophet 600,
Prophet 5
Juno 60
Sequential Prophet VS
Ensoniq Mirage
EMU Systems Emax I ( analog filters )
Oberheim DPX-1 ( 8 /12bit sample player with analog filters )
Yamaha DX7 IIFD
Yamaha TX 802
Yamaha TX 81Z
Snapping at the heals of those famously wandering analog oscillators were 2 fledgling technologies – Digital Synthesis and Sampling.

Imagine for a moment being a producer of that era. Every week a new device would spring up and offer a palette of sound never imagined let alone heard before. We want to deliver that feeling directly into your DAW

This collection is Compatible with

Kontakt 5.8.1+