F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro For Ableton Live 9+10 DELUXE

F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro For Ableton Live 9+10 DELUXE Version

F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro For Ableton Live 9+10 DELUXE
Size 6.63 Gb

F9 Grid Trilogy 80s Future Retro – For Ableton Live 9+10

The sonic signature of the 80s has never been so important in modern productions. Retro flavoured TV shows, movies, and the natural 30 year cycle of musical fashion has mixed with potent nostalgia and bought an entire genre of synthetic and low bit sampled sounds back to the fore.

7 fully working Ableton Projects ( everything from the audio demos )
10 Ableton Project startup pages pre-loaded with sounds
201 Ableton Racks with full macros
450+ Pre-warped loops
8 Full Ableton Drumtrax Projects

The only way to get the authentic sound of the decade that changed how music was made forever is to sample the actual devices used at the time, via the high-end analog hardware used to record the classic records that punctuate the decade that bought us the analog monster poly synths, the drum machine and the early 8 and 12 bit samplers.

The F9 Grid Trilogy is serious remix of our original F9 releases : Grid V1.0, Grid V2.0 and Grid V3 with an enormous amount of new multisampled content, drum sounds and pro-level templates. We have progressed enormously as a company since our 1st sample pack releases and this immensely powerful new release harnesses the technologies and techniques we know our customers love in releases such as the F9 Ableton Toolkit.

This one for me is once again a hugely personal F9 release – I grew up immersed in the Pop, Indie and Movie music of the 1980s and the technology surrounding its creation has always held an amazing fascination for me. Due to a random moment whilst at my local theatre as a child the very first synth I ever touched and played on was a Jupiter 8. That moment shaped my entire professional life as the mixture of art, technology and seeming limitless possibilities is an emotion I’ve carried with me ever since I first tweaked and Filter cut-off control.

This release has been months in the making and we were still adding patches right up until the final testing stages. We fell it is the most flexible and powerful 80’s themed release currently available for Ableton Live at this price point.

Sonically we have considered one aesthetic during the development process: Future Retro. Too many retro packs have a deliberate Lofi edge burnt into the audio that cannot be undone. This sounds, vibe and flexibility of this release will fit into any contemporary production. If you still want a Lofi edge the authenticity of the sound sources ( see equip list below ) ensures that they respond perfectly to Post processing.

We are very proud to say that we are one of the only sample labels that not only provides sounds in the most flexible way possible, but can show yo exactly how to piece elements together into a coherent production via the templet pages and supply Startup pages within your DAW for instant inspiration.

All versions :

6Gb Core Library :

▪ 42 Bass Patches
▪ 46 Key & Lead Racks
▪ 18 Drum Kits
▪ 19 Drum + percussion Menus
▪ 18 Bell & Pluck Racks
▪ 27 Pad and Synth string Racks
▪ 20 Percussive Racks
▪ 8 FX + Synth Shot menu racks
▪ 3 Layered drum designers racks
▪ Exclusive Eprom burnt 8bit drum sounds
▪ Round Robin Bass patches
▪ Everything sampled from original 80s Hardware.

Additional Deluxe Content:

▪ 450+ Pre warped Loops ( 1.8 Gb ) from F9 Grid V1.0
▪ All 8 Drumtrax Projects ( 1.6Gb) from F9 Grid V3.0


Demo Preview: