FeelYourSound Xoto Pad v2.10.0 [WIN]

FeelYourSound Xoto Pad

FeelYourSound Xoto Pad v2.10.0 [WIN]

XotoPad turns your multi-touch device into a MIDI instrument controller with chords, scales, faders, and more.

Designed for both travel and studio productions, XotoPad is your secret weapon to quickly sketch and refine your musical ideas. The clear interface gives you everything you need to play virtual instruments on the go, sketch chord progressions, create dynamic beats, and control effects inside your DAW.

Create great melodies quickly
Choose from one of over 300 scales and XotoPad will generate an optimized scale player page for you. Whether you want to sketch a melody or do a live act – you will never need to remember the right notes again.
Additionally, a built-in isomorphic page wizard can be used to create touch friendly keyboard layouts easily.

Play the right chords anytime
XotoPad contains a special chord page wizard that calculates the most important triads and four note chords for you. Just pick a scale and a root note and XotoPad will do the rest.
You can also copy chord pads from one page to another. This way you can build your own action pages for live playing. Never hit the wrong chords again!

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