Float Sample Pack WAV MIDI

Float Sample Pack WAV MIDI

Defying the laws of genre, “Float” epitomises everything that is right in a beautifully produced sample pack. Nodding it’s hat to the more fun, melodic side of music production this collection designed by Canadian producer Ken Waters truly illustrates the evocative sound that reverberates through even the most experienced of producer’s studios. Throwing standard musical directions on it’s head allows the charm, refinement and character to shine through in new levels of sonic development.

Inside the Zenhiser pack you’ll find a wealth of impressive samples including crystal clear drum sounds, punchy beats, melodic chords, glitchy vocals, superior fx and one shots, violins, pianos, strings, horns, accordions, sax and more. Showcasing both analogue and digital instruments diversifies the overall sound and delivers a thrilling selection of production tools suited for Pop, Electronica, House & Tropical to name but a few. Squeezed to breaking point “Float” dishes out over 7GB of content ranging from sharp one shot samples to fully fledged song starters and everything in between. Combined with the copious amount of Full Mix Loops & Midi included this sample pack forms a formidable collection that will shape your future racks for months to come. Utilising a wealth of gear including analogue stacks, live instruments, extensive outboard and masterful programming skills, this stockpile of sounds has to be heard to be believed.

“Float” sample pack comes 100% royalty free and can be downloaded in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included and zip files have been generously squeezed to ensure optimum download times. Highly recommended by all in the Zenhiser team this sample collection must be at the top of your list.

Drum Hits – 01 Kicks – 20
Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hats – 10
Drum Hits – 03 Claps – 20
Drum Hits – 04 Snares – 20
Drum Hits – 05 Percussion – 20
Drum Hits – 06 Snaps – 5
Drum Hits – 07 Tambourine – 5
Drum Hits – 08 Shaker – 5
Drum Hits – 09 Crash – 10
Full Mix Loops – 25 (including Midi, Full Mixes, Basslines, Beats, Vocal FX, Synths, Instruments & More) – 353
One Shots – Bass – 10
One Shots – FX & Misc – 18
One Shots – Plucks – 12
One Shots – Vocals – 10
Song Starters – 05 (including Midi, Full Mixes, Seperate Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Live Instruments, FX & More) – 119

Total Samples – 548
Total Midi – 104
Tempo – 92bpm – 150bpm
Info – Key: Yes


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