Fresh – Future Chill Sample Pack WAV

Fresh - Future Chill Sample Pack WAV

Fresh – Future Chill Sample Pack WAV

We have just blessed the sample world with a new pack of electronic delicacies presented be the ever fresh ‘Pryces’. Reminiscent of god-level producers like Medasin and Electric Mantis, ‘Fresh’ brings a huge delivery of futuristic samples straight to your front door.

The best place to begin exploring ‘Fresh’ is by diving headfirst into the immense sea of the music loops folder. With over 60 invigorating music loops as well as 20 song-starter loops, this folder houses all the ingredients you could ever need to get the inspiration flowing at full speed. Ranging from happy tropical melodies ready to be played on a boat party, trappy melodies for a darker midnight vibe, bit-crushed buzzy chords that massage the ears, wubby synths that are begging to be tossed in a beat, lush pads with perfectly crafted harmonies, soft jazzy keys that evoke a late night penthouse vibe, funky walking bass lines, deep 808s and subs and much more. The song starter loops are the perfect place to get a tidy overview of all the melodic and harmonic content in the pack, as well as find some inspiration and learn how the different elements of the sample pack can cohesively meld into a solid idea. These music loops are flexible and can be twisted and chopped into most genres. Whether you are sculpting a highly complex electronic masterpiece or writing a simple but catchy summer-pop hit, this pack will have the materials you need to assemble an attention grabbing creation.

The drum loops in ‘Fresh’ are even more flexible than the music loops and could compliment a plethora of genres. From slower and swung hip-hop grooves to more high energy trap beats, the drum loops folder has samples for everyone. The folder contains a broad variety of sounds like punchy electronic and live drums creatively combined, unique snares that don’t sound like anything else on the market, phasey live hats, trap sounds that slice right through the mix and much more. If prewritten beats are not your cup of tea, then hop into the drum hits folder and rummage for bits and bobs to construct your own original kit.

Make sure not to skip over the SFX folder in ‘Fresh’. It is full of textures, risers, fallers and much more that will help you blend your track into one cohesive idea.

‘Fresh’ pairs electronic production with musical knowledge and creates a completely unique sample pack that offers invaluable insight into how the professional artists we all aspire to design their masterpieces.

Pack details:

120 Drum Hits
60 Drum Loops
20 Bass Loops
20 Chord Loops
22 Melodic Loops
20 Construction Kit Loops
30 FX
100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview: