FSS Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3

FSS Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3

FSS Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3

Produced in collaboration with David Sherlock and Nils Huzen (Talamanca), we are proud to present Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3.

This product contains 295+ truly release quality uplifting, progressive and driving trance MIDI construction kits, each containing associated MIDI files, FL Studio project file, MP3 demonstration and synthesizer presets for every melodic element.

Each MIDI construction kit is either 16 or 32 bars in length and all kits contain interesting chord variations and ‘tweaks’ on the last 8-16 bars – something we felt allot of other MIDI packs lacked in the past. Additionally, multiply elements are included per kit such as pads, chord leads, arpeggios, plucks, basses, sub melodies and much more. Fundamentally, the construction kits are complete tracks (or break down melodies) with all the core elements being included to inspire your own productions.

Every kit is organized into a neat folder structure (with BPM and key labelling in place), with MP3 demonstration and FL Studio project file included in every folder, so you can start working instantly once you find a kit that inspires you.

Additionally, for FL Studio 11 users we have included 144+ Chopper Score presets that are specifically crafted to work in comparison with the included MIDI files. Chopper scores (or ‘slice’ patterns) transform your otherwise static chord progressions (long sustained notes) into rhythmically pleasing note sequences. We have included every popular trance rhythmic sequence including chord/progressive leads, buzz basses, rolling and sub basses.

The chopper tool within FL Studio 11 allows you to quickly audition different rhythmic patterns in real-time via the file browser, allowing you to quickly and easily find the right groove for your track and generate literally thousands of different variations of a single construction kit or chord progression, completely changing the atmosphere of the kit.

For non-FL Studio users we have included every chopper score as a standard MIDI file so you can study and utilize the rhythmic sequences in the sequencer of your choice.

Both David and Nils are genuinely passionate about creating great music and want to deliver the most inspirational, highest quality Trance MIDI pack on the market. They held literally nothing back while producing this pack and included hundreds of melodies they would actually use in their own productions.

Simply put, every construction kit is written and performed with the genuine intention of being something release worthy in the right hands with no ‘filler’ content thrown in. We give you our guarantee this will be the most inspirational MIDI pack you purchase to date!

Construction Kit Properties

100% Royalty Free
295+ Trance MIDI Construction Kits
Presets are included with every construction kit
FL Studio Project File included with every kit
All MIDI files and folders are correctly named and categorized
Each kit is correctly key and BPM labelled
In short, the way a collection of MIDI construction kits should be!

Technical Specification

Availability: Instant Download
Format(s): MID, FXP, H2P, SPF, FLP, NSVM, MP3
Type: MIDI Construction Kits
Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
Product Series: MIDI Essentials


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