Full Time Filmmaker Final Cut Pro X Editing Workflow TUTORIAL

Full Time Filmmaker Final Cut Pro X Editing Workflow TUTORIAL

Final Cut Pro X Editing Workflow. Learn how to use FCPX like a PRO

Whether you’re a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to become a pro-editor in FCPX.

Download footage, sound effects, templates and project files to better learn Parker’s workflow.

Hi! My name is Parker Walbeck. I have traveled all over the world creating video content for big names brands, and now share all of my technical, creative and business insights through this online course: Full Time Filmmaker. This course and virtual mentorship program is designed to help aspiring videographers and filmmakers begin or advance their video businesses. I also run a youtube channel called Parker Walbeck that is dedicated to sharing bits of the paid course content for free. That content includes gear reviews, comparisons, tutorials, cinematic films and more. If you have any questions about joining our community of over 3,000 filmmakers from over 100 different countries, feel free to email me at [email protected]


  1. Introduction
  2. StartIntro (Watch First) (1:56)
  3. StartMy 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots & 50% OFF Full Time Filmmaker
  4. Final Cut Pro X Workflow
  5. Start1. Data Management (2:19)
  6. Start2. Starting a New Project (4:59)
  7. Start3. Keyboard Shortcuts (9:37)
  8. StartDOWNLOAD: Parker’s Keyboard Shortcuts
  9. Start4. Sifting Process Part 1 (5:47)
  10. Start5. Sifting Process Part 2 (3:29)
  11. Start6. Where to Find/License Music (3:59)
  12. Start7. Editing to Music (9:51)
  13. Start8. Speed Ramping (5:56)
  14. Start9. Stabilization (3:18)
  15. Start10. Optical Flow – How to Fake Slow Mo (3:57)
  16. Start11. Digital Zoom, Vertigo Effect, Reframing (3:57)
  17. Start12. Color Correction 101 (10:02)
  18. Start13. Color Grading – How To Install & Apply LUTs (5:59)
  19. StartDOWNLOAD: Free 2 LUTs
  20. StartDOWNLOAD: Adjustment Layer
  21. Start14. The Orange and Teal Look Explained (2:42)
  22. Start15. Sound Designing 101 (12:27)
  23. StartDOWNLOAD: Where to get a HUGE FREE SOUND FX Library
  24. StartDOWNLOAD: 20 SloMo Sound FX
  25. Start16. Light Leaks (4:41)
  26. StartDOWNLOAD: 5 FREE Light Leaks
  27. Start17. Creating Basic & Motion Titles (3:29)
  28. Start18. Best Export Settings (3:37)
  29. Start19. How to Green Screen (7:56)
  30. StartFinal BANFF Video (1:47)
  31. StartDISCOUNT: 25% Off Ryan Nangle Presets
  32. StartDISCOUNT: LenoFX Final Cut Pro X Motion Graphics, Titles, & other Templates and Plugins
  33. StartDOWNLOAD: Practice with my RAW 1DX Mark II Banff Footage (5:56)
  34. StartMy 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots & 50% OFF Full Time Filmmaker
  35. QUIZ
  36. StartQuiz


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