Future Bass Tips & Tricks TUTORIAL

Future Bass Tips & Tricks TUTORIAL

Future Bass Tips & Tricks TUTORIAL
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Do you want to make Future Bass like the pros? In this course, Josh Isaacs will show you 5 tips and tricks that he’s discovered to help improve your Future Bass production. You’ll learn how to make your sounds stand out through improved chord structure and composition techniques, as well as layering of different sounds. In addition, Josh will share some classic Future Bass production techniques such as pitch bending, utilization of samples, fills, & arpeggios, as well as how to get the most out of the Tremolator plugin by SoundToys. At the end of this course, you’ll have many of the tools you’ll need to create a Future Bass banger that stands up to the rest.

Part 1: Introduction

In this video, Josh introduces the overall theme for the course and discusses what will be learned in later chapters.

Part 2: Chord Structure & Composition

In this lesson, Josh shows methods for creating big and impactful chords that will help in Future Bass and any other style of production.

Part 3: Layering

In this lesson, Josh shows you different layering techniques he uses in his bass and synth tracks to improve your overall sound.

Part 4: Tremolator

In this lesson, you’ll learn Josh’s favorite trick when making Future Bass to help get you those wavy, flowing chords that are a signature of the genre.

Part 5: Pitch Bending

In this lesson, Josh shows you some examples of how you can use pitch bending in an artistic way, as many of your favorite producers do.

Part 6: Samples, Fills & Arpeggios

In this lesson, you’ll learn the importance of samples, fills, and arpeggios in the Future Bass genre.