G-Sonique EnveloPhase v1.0.0 VST [WIN]

G-Sonique EnveloPhase v1.0.0 WIN

G-Sonique EnveloPhase v1.0.0 VST [WIN]

G-Sonique ENVELOPHASE is new guitar effect that combines an analog sounding modern phaser with an envelope follower. The amount and speed of the phasing effect is controlled by the envelope (volume level) follower – so the phasing effect is affected by your guitar playing.

It is a very useful effect for various styles of guitar music from rock, pop, folk, funky or disco. This effect can be used also on all other instruments like piano, rhodes, bass guitar, synths or drums.


  • Phaser controlled by an Envelope follower
  • Freq knob (phaser)
  • Rate knob (phaser)
  • Feed knob (phaser)
  • Depth knob (phaser)
  • Phase invert
  • Mix knob (Dry/Wet)
  • Attack (Env. Follower)
  • Release (Env. Follower)
  • Envelope amount (Env. Follower