Ghosthack Sounds Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3 Sample Pack

Ghosthack Sounds Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3 Sample Pack

Ghosthack Sounds Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3 WAV MIDI

Lo-Fi is still on the rise on big plattforms like Youtube and Spotify. People worldwide are seeking for relaxation and chilled lo-fi beats are the best way for a quick time out.

Inspired by the sound of nowadays lo-fi tracks, our ambitious sound designers created a unique collection of samples, loops and construction kits that gives you everything you need to create your own outstanding Lo-Fi tracks, that will soon play on famous livestreams on Youtube and will have their place in well-known Spotify playlists.

For a solid foundation of your Lo-Fi beat, we included plenty of vintage drum loops and one-shots – all combined with great low-fidelity effects and subtle vinyl crackle.

Beside finding good sounding drums, the biggest challenge in Lo-Fi is to have a really great remarkable melody. That’s why this soundkit contains a wide variety of beuatiful instrument and synthetic loops and one-shots as well.

Even more remarkable than a nice sounding melody are some unique vocals! So, we also included 5 song kits with the appropriate vocals – all of them 100% royalty free.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3 details:

  • Includes 384 One-Shots, Vocals, Loops and Song Kits
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Professional Quality

Time-Limited Introductory Offer


Demo Preview:

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