Ghosthack Ultimate Latin Vocals Sample Pack

Ghosthack Ultimate Latin Vocals WAV

Grab 5 Soulful Spanish Acapellas for Modern Latin Pop Today!

If you want to be on trend and create some chart-hitting modern latin pop tracks, then our “Ultimate Latin Vocals” package will be the gamechanger that lifts your tracks from average to extraordinary.

Expect 5 full acapella tracks divided into ad-libs, back vocals, dups, harmony and lead that can be drag and dropped into your DAW easily.

We hired a professional vocalist with millions of streams on Spotify who recorded outstanding spanish vocals with great care and using high-quality studio equipment. All vocal files come as 24bit .wav files and are post-processed and cleaned by audio engineers.

All vocals are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects and uploaded on plattforms like Youtube, Spotify or iTunes.

A full lyric sheet is attached.

Ultimate Latin Vocals

  • Includes 5 Acapellas with Ad-Libs, Harmony, Dups and Back Vocals
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Professional Quality

Be Ahead of Your Competitors And Get This Vocal Pack Today.


Demo Preview: