Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Volume Sample Pack

Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Volume

Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Volume

Middle East Essentials by Gio Israel is the culmination of a series of studio recordings of Middle Eastern masters and prodigies with the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. The pack series will represent the whole region, featuring performers from various cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Rare instruments will be recorded, alongside vocalists and traditional instrumentation.

With over 20 years of travel, Gio has been collecting rituals, sounds, and practices from around the world. Our label set the goal of tapping into ancient traditional music with state of the art recording standards & production. We seek the masters, some of the world’s hidden musical geniuses, we give a stage to their sounds, access to a window to the roots of the music we all play and produce.


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