Gravez Retaliation Kit WAV MIDI

Gravez Retaliation Kit WAV MiDi

Gravez Retaliation Kit WAV MIDI

After the massive success of Ascension Kit III and hearing so much fire you guys made with it, I decided to keep the ball rollin and challenge myself to put together a newly entire kit for this month !!!


In this months kit, I wanted to test how far I can go to create the most left field and mangled sounds and drums that stray far from the norm but still fill somewhat familar. I’ve created and crafted almost every sound in here from ground up using vst’s and synthesis (3xosc, Serum, etc.) then ran through outboard gear (Analog Heat, UAD Plugins, etc.)

I really wanted to help spark your guys creativity by stepping outside the box and crafting some new sounds were not typical accustomed too.

A lot of fun went into crafting this one. Hope you guys find it useful !!!

Once again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The feedback on the last kit was phenemonial.

I’ll be dropping a new kit every month from now on !!! 🙂

Enjoy and happy beat making.

– Gravez

Kit details:

(020) 808’s
(020) CLAPS
(013) HATS
(010) KICKS
(010) SNARES

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