Groove3 Mastering with Logic Pro Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Mastering with Logic Pro Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Mastering with Logic Pro Explained TUTORIAL

Logic Pro wiz Larry Holcombe delivers in-depth Logic Pro mastering video tutorials! See and hear how to master tracks in 3 different genres (Electronic, Pop and Country) with only Logic Pro and its built-in plug-ins, from start to finish. You also get the pre-mastered audio track files and reference file for match EQ so you can import them into your Logic Pro or Logic Pro X session and follow along with Larry as he shows you how to master using Logic’s powerful tools. These video tutorials are designed for those who are new to mastering with Logic and its stock plug-ins.

Larry greets you and starts off with videos on using Linear Phase EQ to roll off the high and low frequencies of the pop track and add in some extra warmth to balance the frequency spectrum, using Logic’s Match EQ to apply the frequency curve of a reference track onto your pre-master, and then how to apply Linear Phase EQ to balance the Mid/Side bands of the track, as well as fix problems in the L/R balance.

Next, Larry explains and explores Logic’s Vintage Eq with Tape and Saturation options to add fatness and richness, as well as musically round off harsh transients, and then dives into Phat FX, Overdrive and Distortion for more sonic enhancement to the mixes. Throughout the rest of the videos you’ll learn all about adding Groove and Front/Back Perspective to the mix, Peak Limiting and Density Compression, Parallel Compression/Saturation, Multiband Compression and Expansion, improving imaging with Stereo Spread and Linear Phase, as well as Limiting your mixes for sonic impact. Wrapping it all up, Larry gives you three videos on mastering three different tracks from start to finish, so you can see the steps taken to get a radio ready, polished mix that you can be proud of!


To discover exactly what these detailed Logic Pro mastering tutorials show you and how they’ll get your master mixes sounding great and ready for prime time, see the individual Logic mastering video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start mastering your tracks in Logic now… Watch “Mastering with Logic Pro Explained®” today!

Song Credits:

  • Waiting Out My Time In Richmond – Dave Keats
  • When You Think About Me – Karen Kiley
  • Get To Know – Gateau
  • Intoxication – Soulbox
  • Lift Me Up – Laurence Holcombe & Hannah Hocking