Groove3 Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORIAL

Groove3 Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORIALS

Groove3 Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORIAL

Theory pro Tom Regis reveals some of the most common but most important chord progressions and how to train your ear to instantly recognize them, so you can better understand their structure and apply them to your own compositions!

Tom starts off by welcoming you and then bestows upon you the four foundational principles when learning to navigate and identify different chord progressions, including the importance of using your ears.

Next it’s on to the basic progressions starting with the I, IV, and V chords, and then minor chords and the sequences commonly used for them.

Tom then goes way back and reveals how the simple concepts outlined in basic progressions can apply to seemingly more advanced harmonic sequences such as those used by the great composer Chopin.

You’ll then jazz it up by looking into the language of Jazz and its familiar chord progressions, including those that are often used in the great Jazz Standards.

Finally, Tom shows you a progression that is a must know for all rockers, folksters, and hopefully, jazzers as well. From James Taylor, to Leonard Skynnard, to the Rolling Stones, this progression has given life to lots of great songs and jams.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re ready to better understand and recognize chord progressions and broad song structure, this is the series to watch. Get “Navigating Chord Progressions” today!