Hard AF: Trap & Hip Hop Sample Pack WAV

Hard AF: Trap & Hip Hop Sample Pack WAV

Hard AF – Trap & Hip Hop Sample Pack WAV

We’re bringing you a pack with serious attitude under the guise ‘Hard AF’, a library that packs a sonic punch that will inspire beats that bump HARD.

Providing the foundation of ‘Hard AF’ is the extensive selection of drum hits and loops on offer. The drums were crafted to ensure they can effectively cut through your huge sub heavy mixdowns without compromising on loudness, consisting of cracking snares and punchy kicks. There are also numerous tops, which will help assist the groove of your kick and snare pattern. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick beat to throw into your project to get your ideas moving, there are a number of thunderous drum loops to choose from, providing a quick source of inspiration.

Once you’ve established your hard hitting drum pattern, explore the absolutely enormous selection of music loops to set the mood for your beat. You can find diving saturated 808 basslines, haunted flute lead lines, obscure synth chord progressions, and of course, an almighty array of song starters that incorporate all of those separate layers and more all mixed and ready to go. Every corner your turn in Hard AF is a source of great inspiration.

Now that your drums and musical elements are rolling, it’s time to add in some 808 goodness. Choose from the 22 heavy 808 one shots to create your own unique bass line, or alternatively choose from the bass loops in the music folder for a more efficient production session.

Finally we have the SFX, never to be overlooked for their importance of adding and refining the finer details in a track. The selection of 41 SFX loops + hits range from drum fills for end of phrase variation, satanic church bells, warped alarms, transition tools, and many more.

Hard AF is an essential library for Trap & Hip Hop producers out there looking to make a statement and establish themselves as a powerhouse in the instrumental game.

Pack details:

• 80 Drum Hits
• 20 808 Hits
• 48 Drum Loops
• 27 Bass Loops
• 22 Melodic Loops
• 95 Chord Loops
• 54 Construction Kit Loops
• 41 SFX
• 100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview: