Hy2rogen 28000 One Shots MULTIFORMAT

Hy2rogen 28000 One Shots MULTIFORMAT

We are proud to unleash exactly 28.753 high quality one shots as we celebrate 10 years of activity in the sound design world.

This immense 3.8GB+ collection of sounds is a culmination of all our doing over the years and is one of the essential sample packs that every dance music producer should have in their library, no matter if you are a long time veteran or just starting out.

Custom built for multiple genres such as EDM, Electro, Progressive, Deep, Bass, Tech, Future House, Trap, Dubstep, Tribal and beyond, this assemblage of pristine sounds can be checked upon for inspiration at every single project you might be working on.

Insert any of our powerful, headroom-eating kicks, stack claps & snares, create your own custom loops with our various percussion shots, build vocal chop loops via the tons of key labelled vocal shots and insert specific chord & piano hits, synth shots and bass cuts to make things more interesting.

This bundle pack accommodates content taken from 80 previously released sample packs. You cannot get all of these sounds together unless you plan on purchasing most of our catalog.

What you get is 32204 total files broken down into: 28753 WAV one shots that contain 19708 drum hits (4668 kicks, 3851 hi-hats, 4015 percussion hits, 3969 claps & snares, 3205 misc drum hits), 4832 synth shots, 4212 vocal glitch shots) and 3451 software sampler files for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion for easy access and usage.

This release is nicely organized in 3 main folders (Drum Hits, Synth Cuts, Vocal Shots) and all you need to do is copy the contents of the folders on your hdd and load the provided sampler format files.

All of the sounds have been exported at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz

The demos are a mere fraction of what you will find inside and what you can do with all of these sounds!

Pack content:

24Bit 44.1Khz WAV
32204 total files
28753 WAV one shots
3451 soft sampler files
19708 drum hits
4832 synth shots
4212 vocal glitch shots
4668 kicks
3851 hi-hats
4015 percussion hits
3969 claps & snares
3205 misc drum hits
content from 80 sample packs
key labelled where applicable


Demo Preview: