Ice Cold – Trap & Hip Hop WAV

Ice Cold - Trap & Hip Hop WAV

Ice Cold – Trap & Hip Hop WAV

‘Ice Cold’ is our latest sample pack to hit the shelves.

Full of the frostiest loops and the hardest hits, this frozen collection of samples is an abominable snow monster waiting to devour your next track.

Stacked with lots of stoic trap collages, mean mugging melodies, sub zero basses and much more, this pack is a beat maker’s paradise.

Toss on your parka and grab your ice axes, things are about to get chilly as you ascend the folders within ‘Ice Cold’.

‘Ice Cold’ is truly a giant mountain of professional level music samples. You can start your expedition by hiking through the music loops folder.

Full of an eclectic mix of content, the music loops folder contains elements like: wonky dissonant analogue leads, reverberant dark atmospheres, cassette textured lead plucks, spooky pitch bending pianos, warm and moody e-piano arpeggios, luscious and evolving pads, vibey organ progressions, chunky analogue basses, 808s that will fly kick you in the chest and much more.

Inside the music loops folder there is also a song starters folder containing full ideas that combine bass, chords and melodics into one expertly crafted loop.

These song starter loops are a great place to discover some inspiration or acquire some new knowledge.

The next summit within the mountainous sample pack ‘Ice Cold’ would be the snow capped drum loops and drum hits folders.

During an especially cold blizzard, these drum samples fell from the sky.

Frozen solid to this day, they are the hardest hitting drums measured by modern science.

Whether you choose to throw a full beast of a drum loop right into your project, or pick and choose the individual one shots to sculpt your own creation, the choice is yours.

This pack enables ultimate customisability while ensuring maximum efficiency.

While the majority of the mountain range on ‘Ice Cold’ is held together by its music and drum loops, hidden just under the surface are the invaluable SFX and 808 shots.

The 808s are hard enough to take down the titanic and the SFX are diverse and inspiring.

Can you tame the beast within ‘Ice Cold’?

Crack open the pack and discover the samples hidden inside.

Ice Cold pack includes:

• 80 Drum hits
• 40 Drum loops
• 21 Bass loops
• 40 Chord loops
• 40 Melodic loops
• 20 Songstarter loops
• 20 808 one shots
• 20 SFX


Demo Preview: