IRRUPT Audio The Effects of FX WAV

IRRUPT Audio The Effects of FX WAV

IRRUPT Audio The Effects of FX WAV
Size 170 Mb

The Effects Of FX

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for something gigantic.

You’re about to experience the Hollywood blockbuster of music making tools. Larger than life sounds, mind bending sonic twists and turns, and surprisingly effective elements that you can use to accent your tracks and turn them into something cinematic and dramatic.

This is ‘Effects of FX,’ and it’s a very awesome, unique and essential product that places all of its attention on the details. This product has the potential to make your tracks go from “that is good” to “holy shit that is the best thing I’ve heard all year.”

Loops and FX covering the entire spectrum of audio, from falling sounds, quirky plucking noises, spaced out weirdness, dirty bits and pieces of noise that will generate a feeling of floating above the clouds. Plenty of crashes, bangs and swirls as well.

And a few zips and zaps. Basically, a lot of unique, masterfully crafted sound effects that will be noticed. Our producers turned to their eurorack modules as well as their freakiest effects chains to craft these sounds.

Oscillators ramping 10 octaves, filters scaling and descending frequencies, bit reducers crushing while reverbs and echoes create space.

Effects are fun. Effects add life! When you’re ready to blow some minds, open this bad boy up and experience all we’ve stuffed inside it.

Inside the pack you’ll find 8 outstanding fallers, 11 mind-bending risers, 10 slamming impacts, 18 supremely hypnotic rhythms and 15 reversed accents It is what will surely help finish up your tunes, and make them shine like beautiful, perfectly cut diamonds.


Demo Preview: