iZotope Mobius Filter v1.00a WIN & MacOSX

iZotope Mobius Filter v1.00a WIN & MacOSX

iZotope Mobius Filter v1.00a WIN & MacOSX
Size WIN/OSX  9 Mb/65 Mb

Mobius Filter – Perpetual motion machine.

Quickly add fluid movement and emotion to your music with Mobius Filter’s endlessly ascending or descending filter sweeps.

Introduce contemporary, modern character to your music

Find the sonic sweet spot for your track. Push your sound to extreme heights or add subtle hints of motion.

Your new favorite filter

Simple Controls for dramatic frequency modulation

Mobius Filter creates the sensation of constant movement in your audio by applying the concept of the Shepard Tone to filters instead of pitches. Depending on your preferences, your audio can rise or fall at varying speeds for complex—but easily achieved—spatial movement. Combined with automation in your audio editing software, the possibilities  are endless.

Mobius Filter features

Zero-learning-curve-drag-and-drop control
Each stage offers 60+ gain algorithms for up to four independent frequency bands.

DAW rhythm integration
Gain absolute control of your distortion tone with two LFO-enabled EQ filters.

Imaging with a single slider
Mix Assistant uses machine learning to suggest levels for your tracks, getting you closer to a finished product in less time than ever before. Mix Assistant listens to your audio and automatically balances the levels of your tracks
Static filtering or sweeping modulation
Fully-equipped compressors and gates are available for up to four frequency bands.

Two modes for boundless creativity
Six different delay types offer even more sonic possibilities for your audio.

Why Mobius Filter?

Rhythmic precision
Get a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion by adjusting the Host Tempo Sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars.

Straightforward controls
Create immersive environments by adjusting a sound’s stereo width with the Stereo slider.

Dual filter types
Change between two filter variations that alter the frequency characteristics of the filtering effect.