Josh Gudwin Dolby Atmos John Mayer “Wild Blue” Mixing In Atmos 3 TUTORIAL

Josh Gudwin Dolby Atmos John Mayer Wild Blue Mixing In Atmos #3

Josh Gudwin Dolby Atmos John Mayer “Wild Blue” Mixing In Atmos #3

Join us at Henson Studios in Los Angeles for Josh Gudwin’s first ‘Mixing in Atmos’ MWTM series! This instalment focuses on the sonically exquisite record ‘Wild Blue’ by John Mayer, initially mixed in stereo by Spike Stent and later mixed in Dolby Atmos by Gudwin. Using a 9.1.4 PMC setup and Pro Tools, Josh takes you through his workflow alongside Dolby expert Ceri Thomas. The pair discusses many facets of the exciting format, exploring a number of areas including signal placement, combining objects and beds, the equivalent of master buss treatment, binaural rendering, and much more. Additionally, Gudwin speaks of the differences in his approach to stereo and Atmos mixing, compares templates, and reveals his signal chains used on a variety of instruments and vocals!

Monitor installation, transition, environment, speakers vs. headphones, drums, percussion, bass, effects spread

Guitars, vocals, synth, objects vs. beds, VCAs, panning, resonance, compression, equalisation, de-essing, limiting

Fine-tuning with headphones, binaural rendering, near & far mode, different banks, reverb automation, templates