KEYBOARD LESSONS: An Essential Guide for Beginners to Learn the Realms of Keyboard Lessons from A-Z

KEYBOARD LESSONS: An Essential Guide for Beginners to Learn the Realms of Keyboard Lessons from A-Z

Congratulations on purchasing such a great book. A good quality book will help you throughout your life. You may find many books for keyboard learning online, but you will probably never find a complete book like this one that will teach you everything from beginning to end. By just following this book without a teacher, you will get a full sense of how to play the keyboard.

The book’s chapters have been researched so that you can get started easily as a newbie. The book is structured into 8 chapters, and you will learn step by step by yourself, which will save you time and money. Each important section has the necessary pictures that will help you a lot to learn difficult topics easily.

Chapter one discusses all keyboards, such as the keyboard keys, their types, and benefits. Keyboard keys and famous keyboard brands have been discussed in this chapter, as well. Going through this chapter, you’ll come to know all the basics regarding the keyboards and its elements.

The second chapter focuses on how you can get started. Once you complete chapter one thoroughly, you can accelerate your journey from chapter two. Then learn all about the musical theory in Chapter three. Chapter four introduces ideas on the musical sheet itself and how it actually works.

Chapters 5 and 6 are the most important. These two chapters discuss the two main components of keyboard learning in detail- scales and chords. Chapter five is practical and when it’s time to get started practicing. Chapter seven discusses the higher concept so that a newbie can learn full-fledged keyboard lessons. In addition, some guidelines and tips are given so that one can quickly learn to play the keyboard effectively.

Finally, this book will guide you like a hands-on tutor to teach you keyboard lessons from A to Z and from beginner to advanced level.