Komorebi Audio Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas WAV

Komorebi Audio Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas WAV

Komorebi Audio Modern Trap Vocals & Rap Acapellas WAV

Modern Trap Vocals and Rap Acapellas is Komorebi Audio’s first venture into vocal samples. This sample pack consists of sampler ready one shot hits, heavily processed and professional vocal loops, mangled and time stretched glitched vocals and Houston inspired pitched down vocals.

The tracking and engineering for this sample pack was handled by Skit at Komorebi HQ in West London. It features 95 vocal loops ranging from aggressive street lyrics, chopped and slowed bars and Rnb tinged vocal performances. It also boasts 89 vocal one shots broken down into heavily effected glitch hits, modern trap ad libs and reverb driven melodic shots.

All sample recordings in this pack are offered as Dry (No FX), Wet (more processed and reverb/delay heavy) and Glitched (heavily altered and screwed up).

All vocals were recorded with a SM7B microphone chosen for its warm character and ability to accurately capture low end vocals. This was then run through a Universal Audio Apollo and treated with a variety of industry standard compressors, saturators and EQ’s.

Modern Trap Vocals and Rap Acapellas contains over 200mb of files all provided in 24bit WAV format. Every sound is 100% royalty free and has been expertly key tagged, tempo synced and mixed down for ease of use.

All of the vocals in this pack were performed by South London native, Jamell Rene. Jamell has been making noise in underground circles for years via his solo work but is most well known for being one half of the duo TailrMdeLvn. His vocals can also be found on the lofi hip hop vocals and vinyl scratch loops sample pack.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – This pack contains vocals samples only. All other sounds heard in the audio demo are not included in this sample pack.

Pack Breakdown

32 Dry Vocal Loops

32 Wet Vocals Loops

31 Vocal Glitch Loops

33 Dry Vocal One Shots

31 Wet Vocal One Shots

25 Glitch Vocal One Shots

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Demo Preview: