Late Night RNB – Future Soul Feels Sample Pack

Late Night RNB - Future Soul Feels Sample Pack

Late Night RNB – Future Soul Feels Sample Pack

We bring you a new after hours special, Late Night RNB. The pack contains a massive collection of expertly sculpted samples like melting erotic keys, delicate dripping vocals, choppy trap drums, sliding 808s, twinkling synths, and much more. This pack contains all the materials you could need to build a solid track from the ground up.

The foundation of Late Night RNB is its music loops folder, which boasts over 1GB of harmonic perfection. If you open up the hood and look inside the music loops folder, you will find an abundance of chord, melodic, vocal, and bass loops. To accompany these harmonic loops there are also folders containing stacks and full song starters. Each loop also comes with a matching midi file to allow maximum control and customisability. Digging through the folders you will come across soft natural pianos, luscious synths, grainy textures, echoing organs, twangy guitars, airy vocals, chunky 808s, and much more. The music loops folder will provide an endless source of inspiration for any production searching for some harmonic idea starters.

Next have a scroll through the drum loops folders, packed to the brim with over 70 hard hitting loops. Late Night RNB has drums that form a hybrid mix between punchy trap and contemporary pop. Filled with an eclectic mix of samples, the drum hits folder houses thumping kicks, snappy snares, ticking hats, and rich percussion. These drums are ideal for loading up into a drum machine and banging out your own groove.

Need that extra push to take your track up to the next level, or need a quick fix transition FX to help morph between song sections? Flick through the 20+ SFX samples that will add unique character and flavour to your productions.

Late Night RNB is an essential collection of samples for any producer looking to delve deeper into the world of RnB, trap, pop, and much more. This pack is a versatile tool that can be used directly to help progress your productions, or indirectly to help you learn how to sound design and mix in the genres listed above.

What’s in the pack?

10 808 One shots
122 Drum hits
76 Drum loops
11 Drum fills
24 Bass loops (With MIDI)
94 Chord loops (With MIDI)
20 Melodic loops
46 Songstarters
36 Vocal Loops
25 SFX
Tempos – 125 <> 176 BPM
Download size – 1.4GB
Instant download & royalty free
All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

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