Let There Be Techno Sample Pack

Let There Be Techno Sample Pack [WAV mIDI]

‘Let There Be Techno’ rummages deep into the sound of Techno, pushing the threshold with kick heavy drums, frenzy inducing basslines, dark synths and grinding dark grooves. By utilising the producers 24+ years of experience this vast collection pushes the boundaries of Techno resulting in a mixture of uber powerful loops, one shots, drums, fx, vocals, midi and construction kits.

Literally stuffed to the brim with sub defying basslines, thick synths, punchy drums, mind altering vocals, spaced out fx, coarse one shots and full throttle drum sounds, this pack is the perfect companion to any Techno studio worldwide. 3.4GB ensures you’ll never be lost for ideas and with our broad selection of options in one pack including fully fledged song starters (construction kits), full mix loops with their individual parts, synth loops including looped and fx trail versions where applicable, a huge chunk of bass, fx & synth one shots, drum sounds showcasing the best in the Techno field and midi for straight out unlimited ideas. It’s our deepest, most true Techno pack to date so if you’re into Drumcode, Tronic or Elevate this collection will be right up your street.

Download it today and experience the world of authentic, real underground Techno.

Song Starters – 05 (includes full mix previews, basslines, drums, synth, vox, vocoders, fx, midi ) – 43
Drum Hits – 01 Kicks – 15
Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hats – 20
Drum Hits – 03 Claps – 15
Drum Hits – 04 Snares – 15
Drum Hits – 05 Percussion – 25
Drum Hits – 06 Rides – 10
Loops – Basslines – 25
Loops – Drum Beats – 75
Loops – Full Mix – 25
Loops – Instruments, Vox & More – 62
Loops – Midi – 21
Loops – Synth – 55
One Shots – Bass – 20
One Shots – FX – 50
One Shots – Synth – 33

Total Samples – 483
Total Midi – 26
Tempo – 124bpm – 128bpm
Info – Key: Yes
Unzip Size – 3.4GB
Type – Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Zip Size: 2.7GB


Demo Preview: