Low Key Hip Hop – Experimental Beats WAV

Low Key Hip Hop - Experimental Beats WAV

Low Key Hip Hop – Experimental Beats WAV

Bringing you our most understated yet versatile pack to date, ‘Low Key Hip Hop’ is out now.

A pack that takes you on a glorious cruise through melancholy drive, taking your mind away from the technical aspects of production and solely focussing on the vibe.

Delivering emotive musical elements, warm drum loops, and much more, this pack is every laid back producer’s dream.

The foundation to Low Key Hip Hop is its collection of mood-setting music loops.

These range from bending lofi synths, soaring flute samples, misty keys chords, unique basslines, and much more.

The music loops folder is also filled with song starters, ideal for triggering quick inspiration and allow you to get beats moving faster.

Inside the song starter folder you can find a selection of original clean loops, or chopped variations; allowing you to grab the clean loop and process further, or utilise one our crafted chopped loops.

All the samples in the library have been carefully put together and mixed, and are ready to be thrown right into your next project.

Accompanying the effortless music loops is the complete collection of drum loops and hits.

Full of restrained drum hits that will smoothly breeze you through your beat.

Take a look through the drum loops folder for a range of ready to go beats, with intricate yet subtle rhythmic elements that will keep you track rolling.

These drums are ideal for your next low-key beat.

To top it all off, Low Key Hip Hop comes with a selection of unique SFX loops and hits, such as droning synth hits, beat scratches, vocal risers, and much more, perfect for adding an additional layer of identity to your beats.

Low Key Hip Hop delivers the very best samples for producers out there looking to create the perfect track to match their easygoing nature.

Whats inThe pack contains:

• 66 Drum hits
• 33 Drum loops
• 10 Bass loops
• 23 Chord loops
• 18 Melodic loops
• 20 Songstarter loops
• 20 Songstarter chops
• 18 SFX


Demo Preview: