Luke Targett Fiery Hot Trap & Pop WAV

Luke Targett Fiery Hot Trap & Pop WAV

Luke Targett Fiery Hot Trap & Pop WAV

‘Luke Targett – ‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop’’  is a powerhouse pack that has every single element you need to make a hit song, which is proven through the adjoining EP, whose songs are exclusively made from this pack! Available on all platforms worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud, and more. This unique combination of songs and samples gives instant inspiration and an unparalleled look into an artist’s production and techniques, entirely royalty-free!

‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop.’ was developed from the phrase ‘If I can do it, anyone can’. It’s to serve as a reminder that anyone has the capability to create the life they want, sometimes it’ll take some elbow grease and drive, but it’s possible and worth it. The EP lives up to its name as it showcases the massive range of possibilities you can create with these samples, from dirty trap to emotive vocal pop songs, it has the range to fit into any genre. Especially as Luke Targett believes that ‘Your way is the right way. Music is an art form. A way of expression, how you choose to deliver that is up to you.’

Inside the sample pack are 6 songs worth of elements for creating melancholic melodies, all of which were made from original sounds recorded by Luke Targett. There’s heavy Bass loops, pounding Sub Bass hits, and multi-instrumental music loops. FX one-shots, cinema-quality impacts, and suspenseful risers. Touching, emotive vocals, with emphasising adlibs, powerful hooks, animated one-shots, and electro-pitched vocals. Loads of knocking Drums, with crisp claps, resounding cymbals, improvisational fills, bright hats, deep kicks, striking percussion, punchy snares, and Luke Targett’s favourite samples from the pack, the drum loops, which provide a great bed of inspirational grooves to jam over.

This pack aims to showcase the best and highest quality of Luke Targett’s work as an artist as he seeks fulfilment, however that may look. Let’s chat with Luke Targett to take a deeper look at the production behind the pack and to dive into the world of ‘Fiery Hot Trap & Pop’.

180 Samples

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