OS Lush Lo-Fi: Hip Hop Beats WAV

OS Lush Lo-Fi: Hip Hop Beats WAV

OS Lush Lo-Fi: Hip Hop Beats WAV
Size 1 Gb

Lo-Fi: Hip Hop Beats

Origin Sound is over the moon to present its Hip Hop sample pack ‘Lush Lo-Fi’. Although this pack is a monster when it comes to size, its demeanour is soothing and mellow. The whole pack is oozing with wholesome organic vibes from jazzy instrumentation and vibrant textures, to cosy vocals.

The music loops folder in ‘Lush Lo-Fi’ is massive and contains a huge variety of perfectly composed melodic and harmonic progressions. Because of its enormous size, this folder has been subdivided into chops, chords, melodics, Construction Kit loops, and vocals.

Many of the loops sound like they’ve come straight from the original vintage source, and in a lot of cases could pass off as real samples.

The sounds range from warm be-bop style Jazz pianos, softer and moody legato pianos, twangy guitar progressions, mellow guitar plucks, melty electric keys, atmospheric synth pads, beat-ready chops, moody harps, jazzy guitar leads, hazy woodwind progressions and gorgeous vocal loops. The music loops folder has everything you need to jumpstart your creativity. For anyone who aspires to a sound worthy of artists like Shiloh Dynasty and the beat-makers who sample his creations, then this pack is for you.

Although the music loops folder is the focal point of ‘Lush Lo-Fi’, the drums folders are a key element of the pack as well. Packed to the brim with over 40 drum loops and 80 drum hits, ‘Lush Lo-Fi’ will fulfil all your drum dreams. Whether you are looking for something with a bit of punch or soothing enough to put a baby to sleep, you will find exactly what you need. The pack contains the perfect material to work with any Hip Hop mood.

‘Lush Lo-Fi’ also contains an FX folder full of juicy extras. The folder ranges from glitchy atmospheres, broken radio loops, vinyl scratches, to synth shots and more.

Lo-Fi: Hip Hop Beats pack contains:

• 80 Drum Hits
• 40 Drum Loops
• 45 Melodic Chops
• 69 Chord Loops
• 28 Melodic Loops
• 35 Construction Kit Loops
• 15 Vocal Loops
• 25 FX
• 100% Royalty-Free


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