Melted Melodic Techno WAV

Melted Melodic Techno WAV

Melted Melodic Techno WAV

‘Melted Melodic Techno’ captures relentless beats and late-night vibes to provide you with the tools to create ethereal and progressive techno tracks. With a focus on creating an atmospheric and immersive sound, ‘Melted’ features a range of carefully crafted loops and one-shot samples that are perfect for adding depth and texture to your music with this uncompromising collection of underground grooves.

Whether you’re looking to create complex rhythms, layer multiple sounds, or add subtle textures to your productions, the one-shots give you endless versatility, allowing you to build your own unique loops and sounds, and add variation and interest to your tracks. The loops have been expertly cut, produced, and processed into hundreds of captivating grooves, with unique elements for unparalleled inspiration, featuring dreamy and dusty textures, along with euphoric and expansive elements to offer a range of sonorous soundscapes.

‘Melted’ offers a range of closed and open Hihat loops and shots, with different combinations of attack, decay, and tone to add variation and interest to your beats. The punchy Kick one shots are perfect for adding a solid foundation to your drum loops or layering to your own desire with different levels of punch, depth, and character. The crisp Clap loops feature complex and dynamic rhythms to add interest to your percussion sections. The tension-building FX one shots provide a a variety of sound effects with a range of frequencies to explore. The variety of elaborate percussive loops and one-shots will add texture, rhythm and groove to your beats, across organic and synthetic sounds.

The innovative Synth loops and one shots include classic trance tones, futuristic digital sounds, and everything in between. Ideal for adding custom melodies and accents to your tracks, while the loops add depth, energy, and interest through their complex arrangements. The atmospheric and melodic pad loops, range in different textures, tones, and harmonies that are perfect for adding depth and emotion to your tracks, creating transitions, or building melodic sections.
The Basses focus on driving, groovy basslines that are perfect for techno and other electronic genres. You’ll find both classic analog bass one shots with experimental and futuristic tones, for plenty of texture and character to add interest to your tracks. The full drum loops, have driving and energetic rhythms that include all the elements you need to create a powerful groove, including kicks, snares, hats, percussion, and more.

“Melted Melodic Techno” is a treasure trove of genre-colliding sounds, delivering inspiration across a variety of electronica, ambient, and techno, while offering the perfect blend of experimental and modern sound design that highlight these ever-evolving styles. With depth, quality, and unique character, this pack features an expansive collection of meticulously crafted samples to deliver full-track inspiration. Get this diverse and inspiring collection of sounds now


  • 299 Total Samples
  • 500+ MB
  • 50 Synth Loops
  • 41 Bass Loops
  • 33 Pad Loops
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 27 Hihat Loops
  • 26 Percussion Loops
  • 20 Kick One Shots
  • 20 Percussion One Shots
  • 20 Synth One Shots
  • 11 Clap Loops
  • 11 FX One Shots
  • 10 Hihat One

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